Lead Paint Removal

Lead has been a valuable ally and contributor to mankind’s development over many years and still finds widespread uses in today’s modern world. Lead, however, is poisonous to humans and, even though its use has declined substantially in recent years, there is a continuing need to ensure that exposure to lead is minimised and adequately controlled to protect health.

Old lead painted surfaces, where lead pigments are present, can be a particular source of exposure. Those of particular concern are those, which are allowed to deteriorate, and which are flaking, cracking or chipping, and those which rub and chip or form dusts

Old lead painted surfaces that are in good condition, are over coated with modern paints and then are kept in good condition, are normally not likely to be a hazard.  Inappropriate preparation and removal of surfaces containing old lead paint, during renovation and repainting work, can create an additional source of lead-containing dusts and fumes, which can be both ingested and inhaled.

The procedure for lead paint removal is almost identical in nature to asbestos removal with most of the equipment lending itself to either discipline quite easily.

We have been carrying out lead paint removal for a wide range of clients in vessels and buildings on land for many years and have a vast knowledge base to call on.

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